→ What blockchain do we support?

Ethereum - We want our community of NFT investors to have access to the most respected, authentic, and large community out there.

→ Wouldn’t Ethereum result in a high minting cost?

No. We are efficiently using the ERC 1155 token standard and have achieved a mint cost of < 10 USD per mint.

→ Will the users and creators have ownership of their NFTs?

Yes, the users and creators will have full ownership of their NFTs which is verifiable on the Ethereum Blockchain

→ What all can I do with the NFTs once I purchase it?

  1. You are free to trade your NFTs on any secondary marketplace that supports Ethereum.

  2. You can participate in an upcoming drop for Decentraland wearables for your fashion piece.


For all logistical questions such as how to connect your wallet, how to purchase an nft, etc. please refer to our getting started doc

Utility for my NFTs

→ How will I get a Decentraland compatible NFT?

We will soon release another drop with Decentraland wearable NFTs. Only those who hold NFTs from the previous drops would be able to mint a Decentraland wearable piece for that NFT.

→ What other metaverses are my NFTs compatible with?

We are consistently working on B2B partnerships with other avatar companies and metaverses to give you the true experience of building an interoperable virtual wardrobe.

→ Are there any plans to link physical utility to the NFTs?